• Hey everyone! I know it has been a while since I posted, but a new phone and all my pics getting discombobulated made it a little hard to decide what I wanted to post next. For all of October I have been trying to do as many pink manis as possible. This last week I did two manis using Nail Hoot’s Numbers from The Beginning Collection and Numbers Holo’d from her Holo’d trio.

 I truly loved both of these polishes. The formula was the same great opaque in two coat formula I have come to love from Nail Hoot. They both went on incredibly smooth. I was worried about streakiness in Numbers, but everything evened out well. I used three coats in the pictures with top coat, but mostly because I do all of my manis in three coats and not because they needed 3 haha.

Numbers in 3 thin coats

Numbers is gorgeous. It is a pink that I would not normally wear and I am so glad I decided to get it. It has almost a metallic like finish with some really nice shimmer. It was not streaky, thick, or goopy and went on like butter.

Numbers Holo’d 3 thin coats

Numbers Holo’d was one of my first Nail Hoot polishes. What I am about to say may kill you, but here it goes. I am not a holo crazed person. I don’t need every polish I own to be holographic. I was pretty hesistant when I first got this trio because I really wanted the entire Beginning collection(not holo) and was worried that when I eventually got that they would be too similar. This collection came out after and I was seeing all the swatches and well… I am sure you can guess what happened next. I’m so glad I decided to get them because WOWZERS. If you are on the fence do it, because they are so different from their non-holo’d buddies. These polishes are probably two of my favorite from all of the Nail Hoots I own, which is pretty much all of them now. Both of these can still be purchased onthe Nail Hoot site links at the beginning of the post. Let me know what you think in the comments.