*Press Release*

Hey everyone! I know it has been so long since my last post, but being back at work has kept me crazy busy! I am so excited for what is to come for this blog post so you should be too! I was recently approached by Cynthia, from Alter Ego, to review some of the shades she currently has in her shop and I am so happy with what she sent. Enough chit chat already haha so let’s take a look. 

First up we have Night Owl. Night owl is a gorgeous black with some gold and blue in it that makes it look like green shimmer. It is gorgeous. I’m a sucker for black polishes with stuff in em and this was a two coater with zero application issues! 

Next we have the lovely and delicate Jewelry Box Ballerina. This is a 3-4coat sheer pink with almost a metallic sheen to it. I have three coats shown here and even with the glitter in it zero application problems. It went on smooth. The name on this made me giggle, because as soon as I saw it I thought “ooh ballerina pink!”

Last, but certainly not least is Violet Grower. This one immediately jumped out at me. I was a little worried it would be too bright for me, but it was my fave of the bunch! It is a hot pink jelly base with blue shimmer and some blue shreds in it  the formula is one of my faves ever! It was nearly opaque in one coat, but I did two for good measure. I had zero application issues with this one and it truly pops out once on the nail. 

I highly recommend trying out some of Alter Ego’s nail enamels and other products offered. These are some of my first reviews of this brand and I guarantee not the last. Links to polishes and store in their names above. Hope y’all love em as much as I do.